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Did Consortium News Ban Me? I Know That YouTube Et Al Would Like To.

*edit, July 22, 2019 – It appears that they have not banned me. CN was attacked and readers having a problem commenting was one of the results of that attack. Now, There’s different ways of being attacked. How does a … Continue reading

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The Wise ‘Record Of Agenda’

Sheep and goats have such different natures. Sheep are easy to control, bonding strongly to their shepher and responding to his voice. Whereas goats are boisterous, pushy and hard to control. (And I’m sure they’re fun and, in their own way, affectionate.) The Christian Bible uses them as symbols to represent God’s loyal followers and those who, like the Devil, just want to go their own way. Today, Goat-like people comprise a corporatocracy, a monstrous system that enslaves millions and choose profits over a liveable earth. And media that ‘pushes at us’ propaganda, as well as news and information, is part of their system of control. Continue reading

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