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“Today’s WTO ruling, which effectively orders the U.S. government to stop providing consumers basic information about where their food comes from, offers a clear example of why so many Americans and members of Congress oppose the Fast Tracking of more so-called ‘trade’ pacts that threaten commonsense consumer safeguards,” said [Lori] Wallach. “The corporations lobbying to Fast Track the TPP must be groaning right now, as this ruling against a popular consumer protection in the name of ‘free trade’ spotlights exactly why there is unprecedented opposition to more of these deals.” Continue reading

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‘This’ World And It’s Laws And Rules

Some don’t believe in God and a new world that he will enable humankind to build. They therefore only think in terms of reforming this violent, dark, anti-God world. Will their endeavors be blessed? Some of those ones are good-intentioned. I don’t oppose them and were they to succeed things would be better – while some of us await better than better. Still… Continue reading

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The Toronto Star’s Unbalanced Reportage On Free Trade

Stephen Harper is a general in the army of the 1% fighting the 99% and it’s generals. Continue reading

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Speed Bumps On A Road That Shouldn’t Exist

Tweaking the rules of corporatocracy governments can’t make those governments kind or rational or good for the people. Continue reading

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Are Immigrants Solely Responsible For Jobs Being Lost To Canada-Born Canadians?

Who’s stealing jobs from Canada-born Canadians? Surprise! It’s ‘our’ government! Continue reading

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