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“Resurgence or revelation? White nationalist legacies in Canada”

*edit, February 11, 2018 – I’ve posted my online comment to Canadian Dimension twice. Comments have not been closed. The comment appeared, again, but was later removed. I have been expecting CD to go downhill. They still carry great articles … Continue reading

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Disappeared By People Complaining About Being Disappeared, Again

Darkness, chaos, persecution. For now. 21st Century Wire fakery. ZeroHedge. James O’Keefe, whose bio is ALARMING but that doesn’t seem to bother 21st Century or ZeroHedge! Continue reading

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Google’s Algorithms Versus Our Algorithms

*edit, December 7, 2017 – I revisited the article that my attached comment, below, was detached from, on Disqus. That allowed me to note all of the comments I had made and it looks like WSWS went bananas on me. … Continue reading

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They Play And We Pay

Without a monstrous global, capitalist system that goes a long way toward allowing those who choose to self-modify themselves into being believers in inequality, How would the issue/lesson of universal sovereignty be taught? Continue reading

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A Loud Whoompfing Sound

We’ve been hit with an avalanche of surveillance that has fairly completed its run. Now we are witnessing a sort of mop up operation, constituting another avalanche in its own right, whereby we are simply blocked from communicating in a myriad of ways. The Corporatocracy, in its war on light and God, has left nothing to chance. About all we have left to us is communication and education (not of the formal variety). And so that’s being targetted. Who can argue with the Bible revelation of an attack by Gog (probably meaning ‘darkness’) in the last days? (Ezekiel chapters 38 & 39) Continue reading

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