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Gatekeepers And Darkness

The graphic (from my blog) speaks for itself. (The darker section of each column, a column representing a day, represents the absolute number of visitors. The lighter shade that extends beyond the darker blue indicates that one or more of … Continue reading

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The New Cold War’s Avalanche-Type Dossiers

Gog – darkness – attacks everyone. ‘While still alive’ the Corporatocracy will be destroyed. Hopefully, Progressives who have pushed back against the efforts by the fascist Corporatocracy to kill unwanted communication will not have been in vain. Continue reading

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Awake But Asleep

Chris Hedges is right and wrong. He certainly doesn’t tip toe around the problems. Neither do I, but I lack his writer’s skills and his cred. I actually believe in a Creator God who has a plan of salvation for imperfect humankind and it isn’t us. It isn’t revolution. Chris might say he believes in God too, but… Continue reading

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Evil Omelletes Require Breaking Good Rules

‘Our’ busy bee guardians, namely the designers and operators of the various security orgs attending to ‘national’ security, are quite awake and busy and hardworking, but ‘their’ house has been invaded. They don’t even know that for they never knew and don’t even have the opportunity to forget. Knowing means caring. You won’t know if you don’t care. (When you care, you put your head up and look around and see or know.) They’ve been robbed of life, like their many economic victims and like their many drone victims, and just the way a householders might be robbed by a professional thief who silently steals jewellery from their drawers while they sleep so that they don’t even know it. Continue reading

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Corporatocracy Light

‘Gog’ is another name for Satan. It is applied to him in his role as a bringer of great darkness just prior to his being stopped by Jehovah God and put away for a thousand years. The name can reasonably be said to mean ‘darkness’. One of his crowing achievements is the corporatocracy, a wild beast of nation states led by the false prophet, namely the United States of American, which holds itself up as being godly, democratic and a paragon of law and order as it rampages across the planet, murdering thousands, regularly, for profit for a minority of special interests. It’s president now openly murders people and tortures and terrorizes any who would blow the whistle – if that is needed – on it’s dark ways. It’s behavior is so vile, and getting worse, that God will have to address it. And that is what it wants, for that is what God has put into it’s heart and into it’s master’s heart. (Ezekiel chapters 38 & 39) Continue reading

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