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The Avalanche – Snapshot 6 – Nov 5, ’17

Gog’s attack (Ezekiel chapters 38 & 39) is ramping up. The avalanche of communication-killing actions by the global deep state is happening. Gog, some say, means darkness. Google really kicked things off not long ago with its perverse First Draft coalition of deep state tech companies and individuals, like Eliot Higgins, all whom are willing to serve themselves and others with power by abusing those who dare to speak truth to the gangster Corporatocracy and to any who will listen. Continue reading

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Barrier To The Barrier

dmittedly, Trump will have a hard time backtracking on his anti-free trade position, for the reason, in my opinion, that he and others will recall Obama’s position, pre election, on the same. What did Obama do? If Trump wants to really win the election (not just on election night), he will want to better Obama and Hillary here. Continue reading

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He’s Just We Need. Ditch Him

Left and Right seem to agree that Trump is disliked by the rightwing establishment. That contention, while possibly true, is problematic. Continue reading

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Cruise Missile Diplomacy

The different components of the American state, like a cancer-ridden, dying body, are giving up and dying. It snowballs. Chris Hedges gave a talk in Canada, mentioning the tuberculosis he caught from people in Sudan. He was healthy and his body could fight off the disease. The Sudanese were not and died. He carries the scars in his lungs, but he’s otherwise fine, unlike his country in which the State Department is steered now (completely and unabashedly) by the military industrial complex. Continue reading

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Peaceful And Democratic – Not!

Imperialism, and state terrorism, is alive and well – for now. Continue reading

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