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Crimson Nightmare – prologue

I will not assert that the US is going to invade and take over Canada (overtly). That’s only because that’s not something I know for a fact. What I, and any who care to notice, do know for a fact is that were the US to decide to do that, then the following factors would be relevant to that action: 1. US national security policy places oil at it’s center 2. the US army’s appetite for oil is far beyond the ability to satisfy it 3. the pushback of the people to the destruction that projects like the tar sands is causing can be ignored only to the detriment of US national security policy as it stands. Continue reading

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Cruise Missile Diplomacy

The different components of the American state, like a cancer-ridden, dying body, are giving up and dying. It snowballs. Chris Hedges gave a talk in Canada, mentioning the tuberculosis he caught from people in Sudan. He was healthy and his body could fight off the disease. The Sudanese were not and died. He carries the scars in his lungs, but he’s otherwise fine, unlike his country in which the State Department is steered now (completely and unabashedly) by the military industrial complex. Continue reading

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Mouthy And Violent

If the neo-nazi and fascist opposition in the street in Kiev think that they are all going to get cushy jobs and security in the new, devastated Ukraine, they are dreaming, as Shamus Cooke makes clear in his article titled “Obama’s Far Right Foreign Policy.” Are they that stupid?! Continue reading

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Change That Exploiters Can Believe In

Barack ‘change you can believe in’ Obama has ramped up imperialism and all of the crimes – theft, physical destruction of everything, murder and terrorism – that imperialism or aggression by one country toward another not in self-defense, but for gain for a minority, encompasses. Continue reading

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Hasbara Tool Versus Yousef Munayyer [][][][] Winner: Yousef Munayyer

Crap sticks together. If you want to imagine that James Colbert is a smart man and can inform you, feel free. Stay plugged in and useless. Or very useful, since the Devil’s very busy workshop can always use dark, lazy, uncaring people like you. Continue reading

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