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‘Progressive’ WordPress.com

About the removal of the ‘little’ direct link icon for posts viewed in the stats area of WordPress.com. The lie is that it’s about clutter. It wasn’t clutter, but now a very useful feature is missing, slowing down power bloggers. Why would WP, which allies itself, proudly, with tax-evading, war-making State-loving Google do such a thing? Oh yeah. That’s why. Continue reading

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If it’s anti-status quo, it’s spam?

There was a button beside my disappeared comment in my Disqus account, which said that ‘If this is a mistake, let us know’ or something like that. Obviously, From my standpoint it’s a big mistake that those who have chosen darkness then act as agents of darkness, disappearing comments that aren’t supportive of the status quo or aren’t supportive of fake lefties like Alternet. So I clicked on the button. They can do whatever the hell they want… for now. Continue reading

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The Power Of White

**white knights and white helmets with black hearts** Continue reading

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Speaking Of “a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy”

Organizations, agencies and individuals of all sorts – political classes, CEOs and their corporations, rich people, militaries – comprise the gangster corporatocracy. But there’s no monolithic and ruthless conspiracy there. Just as neo-nazis are fine, but environmentalists and regular people whose lands are invaded by destroyers, aided and abetted by their political partners, and who would like to protect their drinking water and safeguard their chidren are “extremists.” Continue reading

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