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Mexico’s 99% is in a terrible position.

Seeking glory (and riches and power) for the sake of satisfying your ego, only, is not socially beneficial. Trump may be a tool of other powerful special interests (private prison industry for example), but wouldn’t it be nice if such tools were not available to the predator class? Trump’s wall won’t help Mexicans, who have been exploited and abused by American corporations, backed by guns, forever. Trump is a terrorist. Poisoned, raped, terrorized, worked-to-death or pigeon-eating Mexicans who enter America in order to flee the Mexican hell that people like Trump created, are not a threat to normal people. Continue reading

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Yep. ‘That’ OTA

American politics are utterly corrupt, even if you can find a few politicians who push back against evil policy-making. Free trade deals are pretty evil, which is why they are now done behind closed doors. And to hedge that bet, against democracy, presidents will also use ‘fast track’ authority. If you’re going to rob the people, don’t dilly dally. Get in fast, hit them hard, and get out. Then move on to the next slaughter. Continue reading

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