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Evil Versus Imperfection

This dark world’s rulers have modified themselves into being monsters. Their values are: ‘riches for the strongest’. In other words, Their values are machismo, violence, fierceness, betrayal and lawlessness. And they have no hesitation about spiritually and mentally ruining millions if they think, as they have chosen to think, that the result will be glory to them. When you weaken people to the point where you can take anything, including life, from those ruined ones, and then when you proceed to take from them, you get their attention. And that’s your glory, which will meet a greater glory. But that isn’t something they dwell on. It could slow them down.
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“Fascist America: Have We Finally Turned The Corner?”

Darkness is it’s own reward. Obama’s security surveillance network and the draconian anti-civil society laws that will enable it to operate are all about security for 1%, not the nation, as can be seen from the way CISPA (cyber intelligence sharing & protection act) jettisons a whole raft of privacy laws. Continue reading

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