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Lawlessness – part 5

“Colten Boushie and Settlers’ Justice” by David MacDonald An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows: === = The decision by an all-white jury, presided over by a white judge, to acquit the killer of Colten Boushie, a young Indigenous … Continue reading

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The Avalanche – Snapshot 1 – Oct 7, ’17

Apparently, Fascism is fun. Which is a problem for normal, un-self-modified people who value freedom. Listen Mozilla, Twitter, Facebook, et al: Freedom is awesome. But your freedom threatens others’ freedom. You are too free, therefore. Continue reading

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My ‘Craig Murray’ Litmus Test

Mention of Craig Murray’s ‘access to’ the leaker of the very revealing Clinton and Podesta emails by progressives who talk about that should be the litmus test of their genuiness, in my view. Continue reading

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Stars Of The Guardian

The treating soldier who arrived in the Bradley minutes after the shooting had stopped, found two wounded children in the van and in what one ‘might’ say was the sole act of human compassion in all of this, he decided to send the children to the nearby US base called Rustamiyah. But, out of concern for the well being of these young victims of war, who were a big part of the reason the Americans were in Iraq afterall, higher command ordered that the children instead be handed over to Iraqi police (IPs in the video, “Collateral Damage”) who would presumably take them to an Iraqi hospital and, due to circumstances, a lower standard of care. Continue reading

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Attacking The People’s Champions Means Attacking The People

There’s no positive professionalism in the gangster corporatocracy and the mafia (neoliberal or fascist) capitalism it embraces. It’s not about what you know and the talent you bring to the table, where everyone with power figures out ways to make the world safe and prosperous for everyone. Instead, It’s about who you know and what you can do for those who you know who happen to have more power than you do, who can prosper and protect you, possibly, if you please them. Continue reading

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