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Lawlessness – part 1

Vandana makes the absolutely solid case against lawless Monsanto. Canada’s National Energy Board and assorted politicians don’t give a damn about right and wrong. Canadian cops caught acting like the gangsters many of them are. Proof that US officials ‘did’ promise Gorbachev that NATO would not move further east, right before it moved further east. Justin Trudeau breaking conflict of interest laws, with impunity. US invades Syria because Syria didn’t invite it there, but it’s there. The US is engaged in unconstitutional war, aiding Saudi Arabia in its genocidal campaign against Yemen. Israel abducts and imprisons innocent Palestinians on a regular basis. Unelected American people have decided to destroy net neutrality, despite overwhelming opposition from American public. Evidence surfaces of the US’s involvement in the Maidan sniper killings. Toxic gas nearly kills one industry worker (and does kill others), and no one reports it! Continue reading

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Actually, The internet ‘is’ crashing!

Justin aka Trustin?! Really? re Justin Trudeau’s RT post. Censorious RT/Spot.IM strikes again. Continue reading

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The Tyee Asks Us Whether We’d STILL Like Electoral Reform

And then there are people who don’t care enough to know, who get their knowledge of the world from corporate-owned media – no bias there of course – and actually thought the past federal election was useful, to the ‘whole’ country, who voted for Trudeau, who are idiots in the conventional sense. Continue reading

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Eyes That Are Wide Shut

Source: The disturbing agenda to rewrite India’s history | Toronto Star An excerpt from the above linked-to article by Faisal Kutty follows: =================— Did you know that Vatican City, the Kaaba, Westminster Abbey and the Taj Mahal were once temples … Continue reading

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Beauty, in this case, is definitely only skin deep.

The false prophet of Revelation (in the Christian Bible) is depicted, for obvious reasons, as a wild beast that ascends out of the earth. It has two horns like an inoffensive lamb but it’s mouth speaks as a dragon. And since you can’t be both… The US, which rules the world, much of whose leadership, like in Canada, is okay with that. The wild beast of corporatocracy, which includes the wild beast of Revelation (of which there 3 having the same basic form), which includes the false prophet, likes to pretend to be progressive while in reality it’s Naziism writ large. Continue reading

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