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Irony And An Iron Grip

It’s ironic that RT is frantically churning out commentary denouncing the attack on it’s freedom of speech and journalism, while the losers who it hired to manage their readers comments, online, are censoring some of us. Continue reading

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Raping And Robbing Brazil, Along With All Peoples

The world’s foremost champion of democracy, which it tires mightily to show goes along with democracy, steals another country, Brazil, from it’s people, as F. William Engdahl explains so well in his Near Eastern Outlook article “Washington Tries to Break BRICS – Rape of Brazil Begins.” Continue reading

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The Most Moral Army In The World

Nazi Israel Continue reading

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Would a US currency-free coalition be a corporatocracy-free coalition?

Neoliberalism and neoconservatism are the two colors of the wild beast of corporatocracy. If those wanting to escape the hyper violent and hyper lawless US’s control split off to form a coalition that doesn’t use US currency, using the argument that that neoliberalism is something that would like to be free to say yes or no to, Would they say no to it once they split off? Are the players, at core, ‘different’ here? For example, Does the Chinese ruling class care about the freedom of it’s people or the freedom of itself? Continue reading

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CBC Just Another Fake Friend Of The People

All politics moves Rightward – into the toilet. That seems to be where much of the world wants to go. Some people have a strange ideas about heaven. Continue reading

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