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If you divide the real Left into camps, including one in which everyone agrees with everyone in that particular camp, while those in each camp pretend that other camps don’t exist, Is it true that those camps don’t exist and is it true that you have solidarity on the real, entire, Left? Continue reading

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The Ruined Minds & Bad Examples Of Leaders. And Projection

Darkness. Godlessness. Fascism. Bannon, Netanyau et al: Can anything be as perverted as this? You make the argument that you are not just an economy, but you are a culture too, ‘after’ you socially engineer – via genocide (US vis a vis First Nations and via ethnic cleansing and culling (Palestinians) – a numerical majority which you can point to as the one from which your culture derives? Never mind that even on your own terms, you fail. If Bannon (insert your own influential white supremist here.) thinks that all the caucasians in America support him or agree with him, he’s deluded. If he just ‘chooses’ to believe his fantasies, then he’s out and out evil. Continue reading

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Wait And See Is Fine. But Care And Know

Let the corporatocracy have this (2015) NDP and let progressives be very, very aware of what’s going on and leave this NDP to it’s own devices. (It’s such a good thing that the troublemakers want to maintain this NDP instead of pretending to be with us, expressing an interest in starting from scratch. With them wanting to use this NDP, that’s progressives’ opportunity to purge them out, simply by leaving them behind. Continue reading

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