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Professional Scam Artists – part 75

“Historic climate strike just pulled the fire alarm” by Dylan Penner (The Council of Canadians) An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows: === = A tectonic shift in climate politics just happened. Millions of people mobilized to demand climate … Continue reading

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Professional Scam Artists – part 42

“GOP Rep. Steve King nosedives when a constituent asks him if he thinks white societies are superior” by Matthew Chapman (Alternet) An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows: ==== == Rep. Steve King (R-IA) seems keenly aware that his … Continue reading

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Pour On The Plain Truth

Socialistic health care won’t survive, at least not easily, anywhere a country is capitalist. That’s pretty much everywhere. Which isn’t to say that there isn’t socialism happening in capitalist countries. There’s lots happening, but it’s not being called socialism. Capitalists practice socialism. What they give the people, though, is capitalism, while telling the people – who shouldn’t listen – that socialism is evil. Now that most people believe that capitalism is the true religion, and only want to ‘worship’ (spend money) in their precious free time, All the capitalists have to do is brand a thing socialist (Canadian Medicare) and the people will automatically shoot it down. Does this sound about right? Continue reading

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The Capitalists’ Motto

Keith Olbermann rails against Obama’s fake healthcare reform. It goes along with the fake, formal democracy our elites and ruling classes foist on us. Olbermann is apalled, rightly, at the shameless support given by the politicians for a bill that would mandate that Americans, millions of whom are poor and on verge of poverty, buy health insurance, whether or not they can afford it and on penalty of fines or jail time if they don’t, while not getting the health care reform promised. And he refers to the hippocratic oath that doctors are supposed to uhold to ‘do no harm’. But in a corporatocracy, in which everything is about making money, and the capitalists’ motto is ‘Take what you get, whether you like it or not, and even if it harms you’, Expecting corporacrats to come up with a socialistic healthcare plan that will benefit the majority just isn’t realistic. Continue reading

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Canadian Health Coalition Medicare.ca

Here’s a worthwhile pledge for supporters of Canadian publicly funded, socialistic, healthcare. Canadians believe in and want their capitalism, but they also want their socialistic healthcare. It’s not hard to understand the threat publicly funded healthcare is under. But people need to decide what values they want to uphold, because it just may be impossible for a socialistic healthcare system to survive within a very capitalist system. The pledge, which any Canadian can sign, reads:

*Medicare Pledge

As a Canadian, I believe access to quality health care must be based on need, not ability to pay.

Our public health care reflects those values of equality and fairness.

We must improve our public health care for everyone, instead of expanding private for-profit services that benefit only a few.

I pledge my support for the protection and improvement of public health care in Canada.* Continue reading

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