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Lawlessness – part 5

“Colten Boushie and Settlers’ Justice” by David MacDonald An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows: === = The decision by an all-white jury, presided over by a white judge, to acquit the killer of Colten Boushie, a young Indigenous … Continue reading

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Mexico’s 99% is in a terrible position.

Seeking glory (and riches and power) for the sake of satisfying your ego, only, is not socially beneficial. Trump may be a tool of other powerful special interests (private prison industry for example), but wouldn’t it be nice if such tools were not available to the predator class? Trump’s wall won’t help Mexicans, who have been exploited and abused by American corporations, backed by guns, forever. Trump is a terrorist. Poisoned, raped, terrorized, worked-to-death or pigeon-eating Mexicans who enter America in order to flee the Mexican hell that people like Trump created, are not a threat to normal people. Continue reading

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I’ll Say It Again…

Losing governments means losing everything, really. I’m not talking about a mere failure to get our favorite flavor of government. I’m talking about watching our governments become fascist, serving the corporatocracy and it’s godless exploiters and a class that, conveniently, views the people, the majority, as the enemy. Continue reading

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