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‘Progressive’ WordPress.com

About the removal of the ‘little’ direct link icon for posts viewed in the stats area of WordPress.com. The lie is that it’s about clutter. It wasn’t clutter, but now a very useful feature is missing, slowing down power bloggers. Why would WP, which allies itself, proudly, with tax-evading, war-making State-loving Google do such a thing? Oh yeah. That’s why. Continue reading

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“The Moral Fiber of Justin Trudeau”

Behold: the incredible violence of the False Prophet (USA) and those who do its bidding. Continue reading

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The More Things Change…

That’s what the rehabilitation of Nazism is all about. It’s not about revising history to make the bad Hitler into a good guy. (But let’s see.) It’s about focussing the mind of those who are willing to believe in you when you earnestly preach nonsense about a clash of civilizations and the need to defend yourself and your way of life from those who hate you because you’re ‘deserving haves’ instead of ‘undeserving have-nots’. Continue reading

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The Pipe Of A Sweet And Better Life – For The 1%

Lots rides on the version of reality that omits the octopus of corporatocracy and plays up the idea of independent nations states that, when the cause is just, sometimes find themselves in coalitions of the willing (which, upon closer inspection, usually turn out to be coalitions of one – uncle Sam – or a couple). Are our leaders ‘our’ leaders, listening to us and society-building ‘with’ us? Or is something else going on? Continue reading

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Those who self-modify themselves into being believers in deceit, violence and inequality come to possess twisted desires and needs. So, What they see as ‘riches’, normal people would not want. The world, in fact, is hell because of the existence of so many self-modified people. They come into positions of authority because they are willing to break rules (and the powerful ones among them to that, often, very strategically) in order to get ahead of and on top of others. They now like the idea of surviving, not by pulling together with others to society-build and problem-solve, but by taking the means of survival from those others so that they can now feel strong, which has become something that they value. Rapists understand. Continue reading

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