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The Avalanche – Snapshot 7 – December 3, ’17

David Horowitz is partially right. It’s not quite a ‘destroy Israel’ event. It’s a ‘destroy Nazi Israel’ event. Those planning to present and discuss at the event aren’t interested in destroying Israel, but they are interested in peace, which, if they see it realized in Israel, would spell the end for ‘Nazi’ Israel, which is to say the evil character of Israel today. What’s wrong with that? Continue reading

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Crimson Nightmare – prologue

I will not assert that the US is going to invade and take over Canada (overtly). That’s only because that’s not something I know for a fact. What I, and any who care to notice, do know for a fact is that were the US to decide to do that, then the following factors would be relevant to that action: 1. US national security policy places oil at it’s center 2. the US army’s appetite for oil is far beyond the ability to satisfy it 3. the pushback of the people to the destruction that projects like the tar sands is causing can be ignored only to the detriment of US national security policy as it stands. Continue reading

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“Fascist America: Have We Finally Turned The Corner?”

Darkness is it’s own reward. Obama’s security surveillance network and the draconian anti-civil society laws that will enable it to operate are all about security for 1%, not the nation, as can be seen from the way CISPA (cyber intelligence sharing & protection act) jettisons a whole raft of privacy laws. Continue reading

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Are Immigrants Solely Responsible For Jobs Being Lost To Canada-Born Workers? part 5

The fascists are doing what fascists do, attacking everyone and every righteous principle. Stephen Harper, like all macho, destructive, bloodthirsty fascist rulers, is drunk with power and fools himself into thinking that he is proving to himself that he’s God or else God would stop him. He ramps up the evil just to be sure. “Maybe God just hasn’t been pushed hard enough.” Talk about nuts! Continue reading

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