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Homer Simpson With Hair, An Army And A Psycho CIA

Trump’s still got time to alter the name further. He just might realize that his version of NAFTA will also be ‘great’. And ‘awesome’. And ‘nice’. And good for the environment, which is to say ‘green’. And ‘simple’, so even the children can understand it. And ‘terrific’, because it will be. And ‘excellent’, in case some people miss great, awesome and terrific. And ‘right’ because it’s the right thing to do, wink, wink. Hmm. Will he settle on NAFFGANGSTERA? Continue reading

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Yep. ‘That’ OTA

American politics are utterly corrupt, even if you can find a few politicians who push back against evil policy-making. Free trade deals are pretty evil, which is why they are now done behind closed doors. And to hedge that bet, against democracy, presidents will also use ‘fast track’ authority. If you’re going to rob the people, don’t dilly dally. Get in fast, hit them hard, and get out. Then move on to the next slaughter. Continue reading

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Spell ‘Star’ Backwards

The road to a global warming hell is paved with the good intentions of the ‘free press’, public broadcasters like Canada’s CBC and journos like Carol Goar. Continue reading

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