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The More Things Change…

That’s what the rehabilitation of Nazism is all about. It’s not about revising history to make the bad Hitler into a good guy. (But let’s see.) It’s about focussing the mind of those who are willing to believe in you when you earnestly preach nonsense about a clash of civilizations and the need to defend yourself and your way of life from those who hate you because you’re ‘deserving haves’ instead of ‘undeserving have-nots’. Continue reading

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The Pipe Of A Sweet And Better Life – For The 1%

Lots rides on the version of reality that omits the octopus of corporatocracy and plays up the idea of independent nations states that, when the cause is just, sometimes find themselves in coalitions of the willing (which, upon closer inspection, usually turn out to be coalitions of one – uncle Sam – or a couple). Are our leaders ‘our’ leaders, listening to us and society-building ‘with’ us? Or is something else going on? Continue reading

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“The Nobel Peace Prize for War”

The fascists’ adulation for themselves doesn’t require our assistance. Surely! Continue reading

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“Fascist America: Have We Finally Turned The Corner?”

Darkness is it’s own reward. Obama’s security surveillance network and the draconian anti-civil society laws that will enable it to operate are all about security for 1%, not the nation, as can be seen from the way CISPA (cyber intelligence sharing & protection act) jettisons a whole raft of privacy laws. Continue reading

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Free To Be Slaves To The False Prophet

The word ‘dragon’ means ‘swallower down’. When uncle Sam speaks, his voice and words are frightening. That’s because he’s loveless and he rules the world and he doesn’t care how he does that. In fact, Terrorism, toward weak nation states and toward the 99% of the American population that doesn’t reap the benefits of mafia capitalism, is how uncle Sam the gains obedience of people everywhere. No people is safe from this false prophet who swallows down the world and defies God to do something about it. Continue reading

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