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Lawlessness / Ruined – part 28

Perversity is part of being mentally and spiritually ruined. Lawmakers boldly, explicitly vote against ENDING genocide. Wrap your head around that, those of you who aren’t yet dead and due for complete destruction (body and soul). Continue reading

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The Nazis Are Dead And Dying! Long Live The Nazis!

If Nazis kill Nazis, up to a point, Is Nazism destroyed? And I’m not referring specifically to the political entity that was known as the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Nazis, or fascists, are an expresson of darkness. Fascism, where the political class and the business class join forces in order to own and run the world, is perfectly normal in this dark, godless, temporary world. There are always pockets of resistance and they can never win – on their own. Continue reading

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Perverted And Loving It

How the faithless survive: You choose to believe that there’s no God and no one to save you from monsters, like President Obama, whose admin oversaw, among other atrocities, the installation of a neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine, which forces you to do the only rational (relatively speaking) thing, namely approve of what the big monster who lives next door does to you. That leads you to imitate him or risk, by acting contrary to his principles, appearing to condemn his condemnable behavior. As Jesus Christ said long ago: “He who disowns me before men, I will disown before my Father in heaven.” Continue reading

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Omar Khadr vs The Nazis

The Star and it’s gatekeepers hate some subjects more than others. If they are going to talk about Omar, then they prefer to talk at us while spewing hatred. Do they hate Omar? It doesn’t matter how it started. Their criminal treatment of Omar as a child, and now, deserves to be punished. Period. They are in control of what they do. We certainly have no power over them. Not in this ‘democracy’. And so, God will deal with these fascists and all of the lovers of inequality on this planet. Continue reading

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“Law as Farce”

Those who reject God, because they like the idea that they can be God and, like God, decide for themselves what is right and wrong, up and down, are in fact in darkness. You can’t disconnect from the Source of light and not end up messed up. As time goes by, those on that dark path get nastier and dumber, period. And when they are powerful, among men, godless leaders tend can be found babbling at us. It’s partly attitude. But it’s also partly a reflection of the stupidity that they’ve embraced, which they should expect will grip them more tightly with the passage of time. Continue reading

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