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Universal Dishonesty

Jagmeet Singh, who wants to lead an anti-people, provinicial political Party here in Canada, doesn’t see any merit in bullcrapping people in order to get their support. Of course. Continue reading

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The Tyee Asks Us Whether We’d STILL Like Electoral Reform

And then there are people who don’t care enough to know, who get their knowledge of the world from corporate-owned media – no bias there of course – and actually thought the past federal election was useful, to the ‘whole’ country, who voted for Trudeau, who are idiots in the conventional sense. Continue reading

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Canada: The Corporatocracy’s NDP

“For years the Syrian army has been trying to defeat and oust the Al Qaeda and Al Nusra forces from areas they had conquered since 2011. By being in these zones the White Helmets probably do save lives in the course of these battles. However, a case can be made that they are there primarily to be of propagandistic assistance to the terrorist groups that are trying to overthrow the legally elected secular Syrian government and replace it with a tyrannical Wahhabi religious regime.” – John Ryan, Ph.D., Retired Professor of Geography and Senior Scholar
University of Winnipeg Continue reading

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Poison The Beast

Neoliberalism, and darkness, goes from strength to strength via a rightwing ratchet. The Right is always busy pushing things further Right. Hello Donald Trump! Long after (actual) socialist, or people’s, tendencies and champions, have been snuffed out, the Right simply targets the least fascist elements within the corporatocracy for elimination/sacrifice. It’s automatic. Continue reading

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Toronto Star To Palestinians In Gaza: Stay right there in hell please.

The free trade-loving Toronto Star, which some on the Right would call socialist, isn’t in the least a people’s champion. The NDP, today, which the Right would call socialist, isn’t even remotely socialist. And as the tirades (against socialist orgs that aren’t socialist) continue, and the people veer away from the ‘socialist’ NDP (which is merely the least rightwing of the major rightwing Parties), the people, the political Parties and the country become colder, less human and more rightwing. And that’s the definition of rightwing. It’s not really the opposite of leftwing. Rightwing means ‘inhuman, undemocratic, barbaric’. It means ‘darkness’. Continue reading

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