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The End

Source: The Progressive Economics Forum » Banking on Privatization? An excerpt from the above linked-to article by Toby Sanger follows: ====== oo Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s Advisory Council on Economic Growth makes it look like match made in heaven… The … Continue reading

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Speaking Of “a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy”

Organizations, agencies and individuals of all sorts – political classes, CEOs and their corporations, rich people, militaries – comprise the gangster corporatocracy. But there’s no monolithic and ruthless conspiracy there. Just as neo-nazis are fine, but environmentalists and regular people whose lands are invaded by destroyers, aided and abetted by their political partners, and who would like to protect their drinking water and safeguard their chidren are “extremists.” Continue reading

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The North American Media Pack

It’s Zbig’s grand chessboard, probably until this system of things is destroyed. But that’s only by chance. It might not have been such a plan or vision. But the form of the aggression, or plan, followed by the wild beast of corporatocracy, isn’t the problem. Continue reading

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Would a US currency-free coalition be a corporatocracy-free coalition?

Neoliberalism and neoconservatism are the two colors of the wild beast of corporatocracy. If those wanting to escape the hyper violent and hyper lawless US’s control split off to form a coalition that doesn’t use US currency, using the argument that that neoliberalism is something that would like to be free to say yes or no to, Would they say no to it once they split off? Are the players, at core, ‘different’ here? For example, Does the Chinese ruling class care about the freedom of it’s people or the freedom of itself? Continue reading

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Mirror Mirror

It doesn’t pay to pay no attention. Sometimes those of us do can slip up. Japhy Wilson’s book “Jeffrey Sachs: The Strange Case of Dr Shock And Mr Aid” is chock full of useful information, but the book suffers from what I believe is a faulty idea. Japhy is clever enough to package it well enough, but I don’t buy – and neither does the unrepentant Sachs – that Sachs doesn’t know what neoliberalism is about. I don’t believe that he believes it’s natural. He’s not stupid. What he is is a Cold War warrior moving through different ‘departments’ within the corporatocracy, which results in his having to ‘adjust’ his pro neoliberal language accordingly. But he’s just as pro neoliberal as ever. Continue reading

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