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The World’s Foremost Champion Of Democracy. Of Course

The US is exceptionally lawless, as should be expected from the entity that the Christian Bible calls the false prophet. See Revelation chapters 13 & 19. It is depicted as a beast that arises from out of the earth, unlike the greater wild beast which it is a part of and which rises from the sea. The ‘sea’ represents a formative, earlier time in the history of humankind. Nation states were forming, but coming and going in the process. That slowed down and the main powers became established and persistent. And out of that configuration, the United States arose. The false prophet/wild beast possesses two horns of an inoffensive lamb, which is uncle Sam’s marketing at work. But it possesses a mouth like a dragon. Indeed, Obama says “Die!” and his drone goes almost anywhere in the world and murder is done. For now. Continue reading

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Congress’s Latest Cybersecurity Bill

When I claim that elites and their tools and allies don’t intend to change their ways, there really is no reason for anyone to doubt it. And we are always seeing reasons to believe it, including with this latest, sneaky Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2014. If justice manages to catch up, power just end runs it. Continue reading

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Cruise Missile Diplomacy

The different components of the American state, like a cancer-ridden, dying body, are giving up and dying. It snowballs. Chris Hedges gave a talk in Canada, mentioning the tuberculosis he caught from people in Sudan. He was healthy and his body could fight off the disease. The Sudanese were not and died. He carries the scars in his lungs, but he’s otherwise fine, unlike his country in which the State Department is steered now (completely and unabashedly) by the military industrial complex. Continue reading

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It takes a bit of effort, but don’t just take someone’s word that he is your ally. Determine his intentions, which requires that you consider more than simply his assertion that he’s your ally. Look at his past words and deeds. It’s the ‘good faith’ principle of which Chomsky speaks in “Rogue States.” Continue reading

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Can These Fascists Talk Around A Problem Or What?!!

Senate Bill 648 (which legislators characterize as an employment application fraud act, lol), like the Monsanto Protection Act (not actual name), is bald, bold fascism presided over by a very sick president, namely Barack Obama. When neoliberals say they don’t like regulation, they are not kidding. There’s no length they won’t go to in order to completely escape rules, including burying the people in them. Continue reading

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