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How (Good And Bad) People Spread Darkness

I don’t think people believe that I’m bad for trying to teach that there is a Creator God. But what people think, passively, is not always what they think actively… You see, There’s a social dimension to it. As long as we don’t have a problem with the community we feel ourselves a part of, then we will endeavor to be accepted, and approved, by it. But how far will you go in trying to prove your truth, which I consider a Lie? If your community decides to lynch me, Are you going to go along with it in order to get along? Continue reading

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Do We Know Yet Why The Godfather Offed bin Laden Now?

Obama a murder who has so much power he can commit any number of murders in order to try to cover up any number of murders. Then again, As corporatocracy’s godfather, he can’t murder! Continue reading

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