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Two Guard Dogs

My love affair with The Real News Network (TRNN) is over. Continue reading

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Reality Includes Hidden Crap

Source: The Doomsday Machine: The Big Lie of the Cold War – Daniel Ellsberg on RAI (1/8) An introduction to the (12 part?) discussions between Paul Jay and Daniel Ellsberg (in which the above linked-to segment is the first in … Continue reading

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The Toronto Star wants to see a Right Christmas

The Star’s going to kill commenting because it sooo wants to hear from us. I don’t think the rightwing Star does want to hear from us, even though most of us are rightwing. The Star no doubt looks upon the fools who suck up it’s propaganda so as to become fine consumers who never think about important things or challenge neoliberal orthodoxy, with contempt. They are part of the rabble, the bewildered herd of which Walter Lippmann spoke. Continue reading

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