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Tom Secker, The Professional Scam Artist

Tom Secker is a professional scam artist. As is Nafeez Ahmed. Continue reading

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The Ruination Of Bana Alabed

What is the nature of that ruin? It is primarily mental and spiritual. (Some, like Chris Hedges (who is awesome, but trapped in Christendom), refer to moral and intellectual ruin. That’s fine too.) From a state of mental and spiritual ruin, you get ideas and policies that lead to literal ruin. Politicians, belonging to captured governments and in cahoots with powerful, capitalist, special interests have foisted neoliberal mafia capitalism on humankind that has resulted in pollution and global warming, with the result that without the intervention of God, humankind is now facing extinction. Continue reading

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‘We’ is problematic, but Sibel Edmonds is right.

You have to possess humility in order to learn and progress. If you don’t possess any humility, That’s you saying that you already know it all, that you’re too smart to be bamboozled and therefore you are not afraid of being misled and you don’t need to exercise caution. Continue reading

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Peace On Earth To All Those With The Right Political Views

Those with the ‘right’ political views will always be welcomed by Canada’s 1% and it’s chief spokesperson, Stephen Harper. Continue reading

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The ONDP Is The ‘Solution’ That Prevents A Solution

The Ontario New Democratic Party’s concept of ‘the people’ doesn’t include the people. As long as Andrea Horwath has the right ideas, the corporatocracy will embrace her and possibly proclaim her a winner, demonstrating to the wider public how it should view the party. To the extent that the people are paying attention, however, they should measure Horwath’s performance by how her policies would help them deal with austerity and by how they mesh with the thinking of progressives (of the ‘support Gaza’ type). Continue reading

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