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Butchered Professionalism Patois

There’s no doubt that when you walk the path of darkness, you get dimmer with time. But nothing says that you can’t have fun going dumb as a post. Right? Rob is Rob and in this dark world, he’s a hero to many. Just because. Now that more people – yahoos and normal – are getting a look at that clown, the clown is finding that the spotlight is fun. The media talks about his slips. Certainly there have been slips. But I also think that Rob has been hamming it for the cameras and YouTube ever since his ‘plenty to eat at home’ comment was made. It’s hard to know, though, when we are listening to a politician, like Paul Calandra, when it’s a slip, or tiredness or hamming it up or some combination of those behaviors. Continue reading

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Rob Ford is scary, but not so different, unfortunately, from most regular people. I’m the freak. I don’t swear or vent by pretending I’m going to murder someone who’s pissed me off. Okay, I do swear. But it’s really mild stuff, like shit or asshole. More than that I don’t do. Why? I just don’t like it. I don’t even like doing the mild stuff but I just have more important things to do than break the habit. Did I just exonorate all the rednecks who I loathe? Continue reading

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Hitler Wasn’t This Fun!

Rob Ford is a product of fascism. Powerful special interests, allied with other believers in inequality who spit on the people, get their way any way. In power, politically, they abuse the people even while tricking the (stupid and/or uncaring) people into thinking that they’re there for them. Continue reading

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Mysterious Lawlessness Is Alive And Well

Fascists are as funny as a heart attack. Continue reading

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Toronto could, and should, be much better!

Edward Keenan makes a confusing argument involving our useless mayor, Rob Ford, and something called the ‘world class city’ trap. Continue reading

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