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Comey’s Off His Leash

Those with the ‘right’ political views can break the rules. The ‘right’ political views are simply anything that involves supporting the powerful, no matter who they are and what they do. Monsanto, for example, is a non political component of the corporatocracy. It’s therefore politically powerful, so that even laws that politicians pass can be broken by Monsanto, with impunity, while Monsanto can use government and law enforcement to attack it’s enemies, with impunity. Most of the time. Continue reading

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Can These Fascists Talk Around A Problem Or What?!!

Senate Bill 648 (which legislators characterize as an employment application fraud act, lol), like the Monsanto Protection Act (not actual name), is bald, bold fascism presided over by a very sick president, namely Barack Obama. When neoliberals say they don’t like regulation, they are not kidding. There’s no length they won’t go to in order to completely escape rules, including burying the people in them. Continue reading

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