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“Trump’s war” On RT’s CrossTalk

RT News is a great site except for the abuse it heaps on its viewers who visit the site and try to leave comments. They’ve hired Spot.IM, owned by a couple of Israelis, to manage the comments sections and they engage in serious censorship. I try to comment now and then and some of those comments are accepted and some aren’t. That’s in a given session. And that’s every session. I could blog about it every day, but that would be nuts. I could also ignore RT’s absue and be content with the little bit of democracy I get. I’m not going to do that either. I’m going to do something in between. I will periodically attempt participating, normally, in the comments section and then blog about the disappeared comments. Readers of my blog will not be in the dark about RT’s behavior. Continue reading

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Actually, The internet ‘is’ crashing!

Justin aka Trustin?! Really? re Justin Trudeau’s RT post. Censorious RT/Spot.IM strikes again. Continue reading

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Spot.IM And RT News Make Their Contribution To Darkness

One can be banned on websites in different ways. Perhaps those doing the censoring choose one method over another based on what they feel will create maximum frustration. Who knows? Common Dreams, a pseudo progressive site that carries articles from every political camp because they want to please a maximum number of potential donors and because they are fake, with all that that implies, outright banned me. I can’t post to the site, period. RT News lets me posts, then disappears the posts. It appears to be automated. I won’t be banning myself however. Continue reading

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RT And BS – The Clear Picture

Finally, All you RT lovers: How many of you know that RT is using nasty, censorious Spot IM? I’ve had plenty of my comments disappeared here and expect to one day be banned, as I have been on Common Dreams, for pointing out the fakery. When you don’t see me here again, it will probably be because RT or the Israelis, Nadav Shoval and Ishay Green, who they have allowed to run the commenting sections, have tired of me (http://bit.ly/2er8gG9). Continue reading

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Irony And An Iron Grip

It’s ironic that RT is frantically churning out commentary denouncing the attack on it’s freedom of speech and journalism, while the losers who it hired to manage their readers comments, online, are censoring some of us. Continue reading

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