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Lawlessness / Ruined – part 8

“Report: Pro-Israel Groups Demand Changes to Virginia Textbooks” by Richard Edmondson (Fig Trees and Vineyards) An excerpt from the above linked-to article follows: === = Grant Smith and the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy (IRmep) have released a report … Continue reading

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Eyes That Are Wide Shut

*edit, July 10, 2019 – I now realize that Chomsky has lost the plot. His quip, quoted at the end of this post, about how we needn’t become voluntary North Koreans is thoughtless and heartless. I learned a lot from … Continue reading

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CBC Just Another Fake Friend Of The People

All politics moves Rightward – into the toilet. That seems to be where much of the world wants to go. Some people have a strange ideas about heaven. Continue reading

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Poisoned Minds, Poisoned Hearts, Poisoned Canada. Stephen Harper: Pay For Your Crimes!

Neoliberalism means inequality. You can have a market and protect the economy but not if you allow democracy. In fact, It’s not about protecting the economy, as Stephen Harper has shown. It’s about protecting powerful special interests, even if that means destroying the economy. In a gangster corporatocracy, which incorporates a mafia capitalism, mafia rules apply. People like Harper like corporatocracy. He wants to be a powerful player and knows that the road to that glory lies in pleasing other powerful players. The people help by being there for him to abusive, which shows the world how strong he is. The paradigm is ‘riches for the strongest’. Those who have modified themselves into being believers in inequality, are eager players in that godless game in which there ‘has to be’ losers. Continue reading

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The DEEPLY Depressing 2015 Canadian Election

They rob us of democracy and freedom and call it democracy and freedom. They are barbarians. They get a kick of surviving by stealing the means of survival from others who would never think to imitate them, which is why they succeed. They huddle with us to decide on the rules which they then strategically break, enabling them to dominate, dictate and take. For now. In the class war (or slaughter), they’ve captured everything, governments and all that go with them, and institutions (educational, military, security, religious, media, judicial) and want us to believe that we’ve lost nothing as long as we can vote. If we are willing to fool ourselves into thinking that they haven’t captured the electoral system too… Continue reading

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