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If it’s anti-status quo, it’s spam?

There was a button beside my disappeared comment in my Disqus account, which said that ‘If this is a mistake, let us know’ or something like that. Obviously, From my standpoint it’s a big mistake that those who have chosen darkness then act as agents of darkness, disappearing comments that aren’t supportive of the status quo or aren’t supportive of fake lefties like Alternet. So I clicked on the button. They can do whatever the hell they want… for now. Continue reading

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The Avalanche – Snapshot 6 – Nov 5, ’17

Gog’s attack (Ezekiel chapters 38 & 39) is ramping up. The avalanche of communication-killing actions by the global deep state is happening. Gog, some say, means darkness. Google really kicked things off not long ago with its perverse First Draft coalition of deep state tech companies and individuals, like Eliot Higgins, all whom are willing to serve themselves and others with power by abusing those who dare to speak truth to the gangster Corporatocracy and to any who will listen. Continue reading

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They Play And We Pay

Without a monstrous global, capitalist system that goes a long way toward allowing those who choose to self-modify themselves into being believers in inequality, How would the issue/lesson of universal sovereignty be taught? Continue reading

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Uh Huh

“According to the Israeli spokesperson, the establishment of a US base in Israel will send a “message to the region.” Whether that’s perceived as a positive message, or a message of US imperial expansion remains to be seen, but by most accounts, it’s likely to be the latter.” – Patrick Henningsen Continue reading

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The Gangster Corporatocracy Is In The Process Of Swallowing Down Syria

Being persecuted, or a victim of the 1% in any way, doesn’t automatically mean that you will not choose to persecute others. Look at the Kurds (persecuted by the Turkish government), now helping the US to do regime change in return for territory that doesn’t belong to them, and the Israelis (persecuted by Germany). It doesn’t automatically make you righteous. 99% of the 99% are zombies for gosh sakes. They are people who have completely given in to consumerism, propaganda and self-tranquilization (which in itself isn’t a crime) and don’t care enough to know. Caring means knowing. When you care, you put your head up and look around. When you look you see. When you see, you know. Continue reading

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