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Do No Harm – To Big Pharma Or Corporatocracy

Corporatocracy: It’s about power and riches and glory. And it’s about the few who are willing to break rules – written and unwritten – in order to ‘win’. It’s about ‘riches for the strongest’, a game in which there has to be losers, always. Those who embrace that paradigm, or operating principle, ‘must’ believe in inequality. You can’t embrace such a paradigm otherwise. There is no argument that can be made that ‘riches for the strongest’ is natural and acceptable. One can choose to go against one’s God-given conscience, to become a manslayer, for we were indeed given free moral agency. But there will be consequences. Corporatists put profits – in a money system in which money means life – ahead of human rights and human life and the concerns about right and wrong. For now. Continue reading

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