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Do Not Pet The Animal!

Corporatocracy isn’t just a form of social organization. It’s not just one among a number of possible styles of rule. It’s ghastly, beastly and drenched in blood. And it’s all powerful – if that’s what you believe. “Who is like the wild beast and who can do battle with it?” (Revelation chapter 13) Is there an answer? Continue reading

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Giant Gangster Gorilla Gatekeepers

It tracks that under fascist rule, in which a minority of parasitic, macho elites and their allies are faced with an increasingly resentful wider society, you will see too much freedom for gatekeepers allied with and hoping to be allied with elites, and too little freedom for the abused who, in desperation, will try to get accountability from the political tools who channel elites’ abuse. Police and security orgs, increasingly, can fire at will, 24/7, if that will free up elites to have meetings where they can plan how to cause more trouble for the people. Continue reading

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