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Ruined – part 1

This bedarkened, ruined world is ripe for destruction, which normal people should welcome. Continue reading

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As with any monstrous commentary, such as that offered by the Wall Street Journal, in which WSJ editors call for starving North Koreans to death, or academics calling for more colonialism, it’s mysterious – to those without a moral foundation. Continue reading

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The North American Media Pack

It’s Zbig’s grand chessboard, probably until this system of things is destroyed. But that’s only by chance. It might not have been such a plan or vision. But the form of the aggression, or plan, followed by the wild beast of corporatocracy, isn’t the problem. Continue reading

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Trust, When Warranted, But Verify

The reason that you can do ‘good’ investigative journalism that ‘every’ person, including the ‘six pack Joes’, will like (the way Rob Ford reaches out and touches his supporters by answering their phone calls and dealing with their immediate, pot holey, problems) is that the world is big. You can knock off a lot of the bad guys, pretending you’re a good guy (which has it’s uses), and still survive – with the blessing of the country’s, and world’s, more powerful players. You can be a crusader for social justice and citizens’ rights without really changing the system that continually upends citizens’ lives – by not going after really big dogs and really big issues, or at least not too many big dogs and issues. Continue reading

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Toronto Star To Palestinians In Gaza: Stay right there in hell please.

The free trade-loving Toronto Star, which some on the Right would call socialist, isn’t in the least a people’s champion. The NDP, today, which the Right would call socialist, isn’t even remotely socialist. And as the tirades (against socialist orgs that aren’t socialist) continue, and the people veer away from the ‘socialist’ NDP (which is merely the least rightwing of the major rightwing Parties), the people, the political Parties and the country become colder, less human and more rightwing. And that’s the definition of rightwing. It’s not really the opposite of leftwing. Rightwing means ‘inhuman, undemocratic, barbaric’. It means ‘darkness’. Continue reading

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