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Rob Ford is scary, but not so different, unfortunately, from most regular people. I’m the freak. I don’t swear or vent by pretending I’m going to murder someone who’s pissed me off. Okay, I do swear. But it’s really mild stuff, like shit or asshole. More than that I don’t do. Why? I just don’t like it. I don’t even like doing the mild stuff but I just have more important things to do than break the habit. Did I just exonorate all the rednecks who I loathe? Continue reading

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Hitler Wasn’t This Fun!

Rob Ford is a product of fascism. Powerful special interests, allied with other believers in inequality who spit on the people, get their way any way. In power, politically, they abuse the people even while tricking the (stupid and/or uncaring) people into thinking that they’re there for them. Continue reading

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Toronto could, and should, be much better!

Edward Keenan makes a confusing argument involving our useless mayor, Rob Ford, and something called the ‘world class city’ trap. Continue reading

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Brookfield Asset Management Will Fight The People

The people are squawking more loudly ‘and’, it seems, fighting back. Just squawking isn’t fightback. But, despite the way corporate owned media is presenting this movemenet, the people are protesting peacefully and very rationally, since it’s simply uncontroversial that the parasitic minority has been allowed to suck our blood for too long. Continue reading

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If We Ever Get Civilization Will We Ever Forget The Nightmare Of Corporatocracy?

Rob Ford is a wolf, but he’s at home. But that’s relative. He’s only permitted to hang around. Everything wolves like him have, they have because they steal them from others. He will pay. His boss must answer to God, eventually, and he just doesn’t see things the way they do. Continue reading

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