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Special Ops For Bloody Business As Usual

Unless you are a consumer of major, corporate-owned, State-aligned media, solely, which delivers, mainly in the area of foreign policy, only propaganda, then you absolutely could not know that most of the war and terror going on is all about … Continue reading

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Gatekeepers And Darkness

The graphic (from my blog) speaks for itself. (The darker section of each column, a column representing a day, represents the absolute number of visitors. The lighter shade that extends beyond the darker blue indicates that one or more of … Continue reading

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Defending, Rightly, What Can’t Be Saved

We have all inherited imperfection and it manifests in many forms. My half brother has Down syndrome. Others are gay, not by choice. Does God condemn them? At this time, He can’t cure them. Therefore, Why would he condemn them? Personally, I believe that we – who survive Armageddon – will all be corrected. We must be. That includes homosexuals. Continue reading

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Pleasing power makes sense. But what if you’re pleasing the ‘losing’ power? Continue reading

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Those who self-modify themselves into being believers in deceit, violence and inequality come to possess twisted desires and needs. So, What they see as ‘riches’, normal people would not want. The world, in fact, is hell because of the existence of so many self-modified people. They come into positions of authority because they are willing to break rules (and the powerful ones among them to that, often, very strategically) in order to get ahead of and on top of others. They now like the idea of surviving, not by pulling together with others to society-build and problem-solve, but by taking the means of survival from those others so that they can now feel strong, which has become something that they value. Rapists understand. Continue reading

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