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The Avalanche – Snapshot 39 – June 24, ’19

The gangster Corporatocracy’s worshippers are very busy killing communication that the powerful don’t want to exist. Not many of you will even know about it, now that blogs like mine are getting censored, sometimes right out of existence. Continue reading

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Some Kind Of Censorship. Bookmark Me Maybe?

‘National Security’, when mouthed by the State and its tools, means insecurity for the people, plain and simple. Continue reading

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What do ice shelves and great WordPress features have in common?

I hate WordPress! Yes, You read that right. I hate it the way I hate Google. Tax evader Google is too big to ingore. You can cut it out a little, but never completely. If you’re a serious – which … Continue reading

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Professional Scam Artists – part 10

WordPress is being destroyed by those who manage it. That’s this godless world for you. I don’t have a huge following. But, for those of you who follow me, Don’t be surprised if I disappear soon. They have dumbed down the once great platform that is WP.com. How this benefits them, I don’t know. But it’s their calculation that it does. (The capitalist motto is at play here: ‘Take what you get whether you like it or not and even if it hurts you’.) But they sure are making a lot of us bloggers miserable. Just like that, the company has told all of us using the free WP.com that that’s how it is and we are free to migrate our blogs to the hosting sites of our choice. There’s nothing nice about that. The disruption is mind boggling, more for some than others. WP.com is now for kids (of all ages) only. I assume that they figure those ones will all be on smart phones and tablets, a better kind of platform for the kiddie version of WP.com. Continue reading

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Little People With Little Problems Need Not Bother Us

Democratic features are like healthy tissue in a human body. Cancer cells will get around to them eventually, just as the corporatocracy will get around to those democratic features in due time. Supposing there isn’t a God who will end this darkness; In about a million years, even the democratic impulses residing in individuals here and there will be snuffed out. Continue reading

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